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About us

Concept Fresh - a specialist in the development, manufacture and marketing of dairy products - in Austria and at the international market. Read more...


range variety

Our large range of diary food from highest quality goes from typical Austrian mountain cheese to Bavarian cheese specialities, Italian Grana Padano and Halloumi from Cypres and much more. More information...

Our brands



Under our brand Gusteria we offer cheese convenience products of hightest Quality for daily needs.
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Genussland Austria

Products of which the raw materials comes from Austria at minimum 95%, have the label "Genussland Austria". We specially take care of the regionality of the raw materials and that production and maturing take place in Austria.
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Our partners

With most of our partners we have a long-time relationship, based on trust and partnership. More information ...

private label

Cheese slices, pieces, fresh cheese, grated cheese .... our large assortment is also available under your own brand - in Austria as well as in foreign countries. Read more ....


Flexible for individual requirements:

A special service for our customers - we offer packaging according to the individual needs of our customers - quickly and reliably. Read more ...


products of tomorrow

No product idea can be so impossible as to not be tried in manufacture and tested in tasting. More information about product development ...


food safety

Since 2012 we are certified as IFS-Broker  - of which we are very proud!


saving of CO2

At Concept Fresh sustainability and resouce conservation are key corporate objectives ...